Sunday, July 10, 2011

a lumberjack & jill shower!

 My friend Taylor is a bit of a mountain man, marrying my friend Allison, who is quite the opposite... So it was actually her idea to have a sort of "Lumberjack and Jill" themed bridal shower. Her maid of honor Holly, totally went to town and did an amazing job! 

The decor was full of burlap, gingham, bunting, and beautiful sunflowers. The menu was picnic themed Turkey burger mini sliders, baked beans, corn-on-the cob & lemonade. It was beautifully done, and a lot of fun!!

 There was even a "make your own" mountain man trail mix bar with "M" monogrammed bags! Pictured below are mini cliff bars in burlap bags as party favors.

I couldn't believe it when Taylor's mom gave Allison a "You are Special Today" plate, the same one as Andrew's!! We will have to serve our husbands a nice meal on those plates sometime...ha!

Friday, July 8, 2011

the 4th.

It has been a crazy busy summer, and it will most likely just be busier for the next few weeks. Hence, I am just posting about our 4th of July picnic on Monday. We had about 60 people at our house for a BBQ, yard games, volleyball & fireworks around the lake. Our neighbors put on quite an impressive display, and I am psyched to share these awesome photos taken by our talented new friend, Mike

Thanks Mike, you made our party look super cool!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

flower child.

had a fun photo shoot for the shop with alyssa today...this dress belonged to our friend's mom in the 70's.  i put it on and it was just missing something...couldn't quite put my finger on it until she made me this pretty head garland out of ribbon and grass and i channeled my inner flower child...
happy long weekend!! 
we will be hosting a few BBQ's this weekend so i'm hoping for sunshine. any fun plans? 
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