Sunday, January 3, 2010

TIPS FOR SUCCESS: running with the brides!!

since this blog is dedicated to all things connected with my love for thrifting and for vintage, i think it's about time i did a series of posts about my beautiful backyard wedding this summer! it was a total labor of love and would not have been possible without tapping into my thrifting resources.

i will begin with the dress...

if there is one way to acquire a wedding gown similar to hunting for one in a second hand shop, it is the "Running of the Brides" at Filene's basement NYC.

now, contrary to popular belief that this even is extremely competitive and stressful, it does not have to be!! we arrived at after the early morning mad rush for the Vera Wang's and spent a leisurely day trying on gowns..

1. Arrive around 10am if you do not want to fight the 'zillas
2. Bring a team of at least 3 ppl with you.
3. Bring SNACKS & is tiring.
4. Claim a spot near a mirror to set up camp.
5. Guard your pile of dresses closely.

here were a few of my favorite "runners up"..and *NOTE*..all of these gowns were priced at $250!
i loved this gown..but alas it was a bit small up top...
my overly flamboyant but helpful salesman...he insisted on this dress for me though i did not agree..
a dress that i had wished was my size...
the winner!! for a meager $500!!! the original price tag??? $2,750 my friends...

so moral of the's great fun & i will be going again this February with a friend in search of her gown!!

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  1. So excited! Love your tips, I'm so lucky to have you on my team! :)
    We may have to stop into the j.crew store as well, those dresses break my heart a little.


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