Thursday, June 24, 2010

another little wedding...

Here are a few shots from the rehearsal and wedding of Andrew's brother Jon and Maria Little! The rehearsal dinner was catered at home, with a fabulous dessert bar provided by the mother of the groom Donna Little.
Along with the traditional bubbles, each guest was given a small envelope in which there was a live butterfly! So as they ran out of the church, live butterflies were released!! It was pretty awesome..

Jon volunteers with the fire company as an EMT so it was only appropriate that they ride off in a fire truck!
The reception was held in Carlisle, PA in an old ribbon mill factory turned church/venue. It was a beautiful space with high ceilings and old woodwork. They even had live butterflies in cages around the room!

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  1. By any chance...Are those "poofs" I see at the rehearsal dinner compliments of Gwendolyn Little? Looks like a beautiful wedding!!


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