Saturday, November 27, 2010


Our first stop was Knoxville, TN to visit our friends Danielle & Matt & their beautiful baby girl Jasmine! They were the most wonderful hosts and treated us to a nice dinner at "The Tomato Head", a warm bed, and a true Southern breakfast before we travelled on to Nashville.
Andrew and I attended the National Youth Workers Convention. This was my second year, and once again I came away feeling refreshed, inspired, and excited about my faith. This was the view from our hotel room..
Nashville is such a fun little city with live music practically everywhere you go! They definitely know their country music and their barbeque. The arena off in the distance on the left side is where the convention was held. We had the opportunity to take some amazing seminars during the day listening to awesome speakers, pastors and teachers. Twice a day we all came together in the arena for music and a big room speaker. We would also cruise this strip on our breaks for lunch and dinner.
Cherry smoked pork BBQ platter with sweet potato fries. Delish.
Andrew's catfish tacos.
A few paintings done by our friend Scott Erickson who is a worship artist and painted onstage while the bands performed. He's pretty awesome and you should check him out. 


  1. Danielle CummingsMarch 15, 2011 at 6:18 PM

    i didn't know scott erickson was your friend? we love his artwork. we met him in D.C. a few years back with WorldVision! love Jasmine's picture with her Aunt Gwen and Aunt Hill's vintage outfit on her!

  2. Great photos, that BBQ platter looks excellent!


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