Thursday, June 9, 2011

bermuda part I

Mazarine by the Sea was the perfect place for us. Our room had a sweet ocean view with a little balcony on which we enjoyed our coffee every morning and watched the cruise ships coming in.
 Mom passed out by the pool..
Everyone rides scooters on the island, but we opted out of renting one. They drive like maniacs and I was too intimidated so we bought bus passes for the week. Bermuda has a great bus system and I highly recommend using it if you ever visit.
Portugese man o' war were washed up on the shores and you had to carefully avoid them when strolling down the beach..
Most days we would pack lunches, and head to the South Shore beaches which are the most beautiful beaches with the pink sand. There is a trail that runs between the coves and bays and we really loved hiking it,  stopping off at different points to lay out.
More to come!

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