Tuesday, September 27, 2011

hill + calvin. the end.

My photos definitely don't do the beauty of this wedding justice. Hillary and Calvin were blessed with a gorgeous sunny day and were married outside with the backdrop of a field of goldenrod. Their reception was held in a friend's barn and it was elegant and simple. 
Hillary and I worked hard to re-create this backdrop sold at BHLDN. Impressive, no? We thought so..
Caramel apples for favors!

In leu of wedding cake, this table was filled with home-made pies and traditional Norwegian wedding cake, "kransekake" (so delicious, made from almonds).

Yay, you guys! We love you!!


  1. Gwennie I LOVE that last photo with the movement all around them and they seem to be still...Love you pics!! THANK YOU FOR POSTING!! :)


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