Tuesday, April 10, 2012

back to blogging.

Well, I think I'm ready to start blogging again. I miss it..I miss being able to look back over the months and remember.. 

So I will once again begin to take photos with my real camera and not my iPhone. I may only post 1-2x/week and keep it simple, with mostly highlights from the week or major events. However I realize, now that I'm having a baby, and my family & friends are spread around the country, that this blog is such an easy way to share life with them! 
This (now quickly) growing bump is mostly the reason I have taken a blogging break haha.. So here are a few instagrams to kick it off.. 
Our house has been under construction since January (can't wait for it to be over!) and we are going to end up with a beautiful addition full of windows facing the lake.
Loving my little nephew Asher! 
We are all missing my brother Evan working in Hollywood and hoping that he moves back to the east coast sooner rather than later.
I had a birthday and turned 26, complete with a lovely breakfast in bed made by my sweet husband.
**Thank you to everyone who has continued to follow along, and who made it a point to tell me they missed reading it! 

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