Thursday, June 7, 2012


This is my long time friend and yoga teacher Jennifer Logosso. She runs the etsy shop YogiFarmGirl where she sells some seriously fabulous eco friendly, holistic products for both your body and your home! Jenn makes some wonderful lotions, creams, sugar scrubs, shampoos, soaps, body bars, deodorants, etc. that smell amazing and are completely natural, chemical free, made from herbal infused essential oils and other organic products. 

As she studies herbal medicine she is producing things like cleansing herbal teas, incense, muscle salve, botanical perfumes, and so much more.. Her products are good for the body and come beautifully packaged, making fabulous gifts! 
Solid Perfume in vintage lockets!
Rosebud salve.
Honey and Beeswax soap.
        Oatmeal Soap. 

For all my local friends, visit Jenn's stand at the Monroe County Farmer's market every Saturday located on Ann Street in Stroudsburg by the Ribbon Factory!!! 

For everyone else-- check out her etsy store as she changes her stock frequently!

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