Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the waiting game.

I think the worst part about the end of pregnancy is the waiting around part...the guessing game of when it's going to happen.. I go to bed every night thinking "ok, tonight could be the night" and then I wake up again in the morning having not gone into labor, partially relieved, partially disappointed! So I'm trying to keep busy lots of shopping, walking, organizing, cooking...Oh, and if you need a great oatmeal cookie recipe, I made these from Smitten Kitchen and they were perfect! I added craisins, dark chips & almonds..


  1. I love the stillness in these pictures...you really convey the feeling of being in a state of suspension. I know exactly how you feel, of course, and it is so hard, but it seems like you are being so patient. Are those cookies dairy free? I think I made that same recipe the other day...they were delicious!

  2. Well I keep hearing that first babies are usually late...so as of yesterday at 5:00 I was 1cm dilated, 70% effaced...I'm doing lots of walking and squatting! These cookies had 1 egg and 1 stick of butter..but so good.. My favorite part of your birth story was when you said you weren't sure if your birth was considered "natural" b/c of the McDonald's you had eaten..


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