Friday, January 11, 2013

around the house with penny.

a. There is nothing sweeter than baby feet.
b. Actual SUN in the sunroom this week!
c. Afternoon coffee in peace and quiet during nap time.
d. A beautiful sweater from Aunt Maria.
e./f. Aunt Allison and Uncle Taylor are here to visit for the weekend. For some reason we always eat quesadilla's together? 
g. Beautiful roses which make me happy every time I look at them. 
h. Diana knit Penny this adorable little hat.
i. Taylor brings good wine to share with me.
j. More cuteness.


  1. She is so sweet. I love your pictures. You are so creative! Hopefully sometime Jonah and Penny can have a play date. By the way, your house looks amazing!

  2. Make sure Leah gets in on this play date too!!!

  3. YES!! I would love to see you ladies and meet your babies!! We should make that happen.


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