Monday, December 14, 2009

errands day outfit.

this is my running errands aaaallll day long outfit..

plaid shirt: thrifted
pants: tjmaxx $15
men's leather oxfords: thrifted
sweater vest: thrifted
crocheted flower headband: elspethjane on etsy! $14

Also, I absolutely love this fool-proof chocolate biscotti recipe for beginners from farmgirl fare. I had a chocolate craving so I made them last night & they are soooo yummy, perfect for dunking!

Cookie Recipe: Easy Chocolate Biscotti For Beginners & Baking With A Buddy

Chocolate Biscotti: It's Easier To Make Than You Think

1 comment:

  1. That outfit looks so comfy! And what a cute photo with the biscotti! I wish I had that mug.


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