Thursday, March 11, 2010

paul taylor dance company

I absolutely adore the Paul Taylor Dance Company. For years I have dreamed of dancing with them...I have attended summer and winter intensives with the company, and traveled into manhatten for daily classes given by the company members. Pictured above is Paul, and his principal dancers Annmaria & Michael (secret crush!!).  If you have never seen them perform, then you MUST go this weekend! It's the last weekend at City Center. 
Click here to buy tickets. Tip* I have sat in the $25 seats & they were totally fine.

Prometheon Fire is one of my favorite pieces. The two lead dancers here Patrick Corbin and Lisa Viola no longer dance with the company but teach Taylor technique & I have taken many classes with them. This piece is actually on youtube in 2 parts. Check out part 1 below and get a taste of their style.
Or check them out at the gorgeous Paul Taylor Dance Company website.


  1. ok this is totally off topic, but is your name really Gwendolyn Little? if so, that is a fantastic name. it reminds me of fairytales, in the best way of course. and if it's not your real name, just a pseudo-blogger-name, well then I commend you on your choice! haha I guess I have a thing for creative names?

  2. hahah yes it is my real name! it's my recently married new last name..


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