Thursday, April 22, 2010

beauty essentials

I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to cosmetics, but here are the 5 beauty products that i absolutely can't live without!

I love anything mint flavored, can you tell? The Burts Bees lip shimmer is mint flavored, as well as the Bigelow lip gloss. If you have never tried Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap, watch out, it tingles until you get used to it! 

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The last product is Squalane, a topical skin moisturizer derived from fish oils and olive oilSounds strange but it is all natural and simply fabulous! It's fragrance free and perfect for sensitive, dry skin like mine. I have tried countless moisturizers only to find that this works best. The company Oceana is run by a Norwegian family from my church. 


  1. i love burt's bees.. but i never seem to be able to finish my lip balms! great post!

  2. oh i know! i usually lose them before i finish them haha!

  3. just to make one little correction to this fab post! biomarine topical squalane is derived from shark- not fish or olives. the molecular structure of shark is more conducive to absorption than olive (although olive is a good source as well). here's a link for more info: Thanks for the plug Gwen! :D

  4. ohhhhhhh! right, right thanks for the correction i will fix that! :)


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