Friday, January 28, 2011

the cheese makers.

Andrew requested a chain saw, a goat, and cheese making supplies for Christmas this year, so obviously I went with the cheese making tools and ignored the other two requests..
He started out with a gallon of raw milk from a local farm. Taylor was his handy assistant who kept the milk from burning as they took shifts stirring it.
As the milk heated & slowly curdled, the curds were strained off the top and placed into a cheese cloth to drain.

Excess moisture was squeezed out and we were left with about a pound of cheese! It was salted and left in the mold overnight. The final product was similar to mozzarella, but firmer. It was fresh and so delicious! Maybe I'll consider getting him the goat next year so we have an endless supply of milk for cheese..


  1. Look how hard Andrew is concentrating! Hahaha, that's priceless :)

  2. brothers so alike! he should talk to dave, he's made cheese a few times and its turned out really good. would be better with raw milk, we need to smuggle some soon!

  3. i knowwww haha...we need to start a hippie commune and sell cheese, beer, & now taylor makes bread!


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