Tuesday, January 11, 2011

get snowed in.

This is officially my new favorite sweater, which I thrifted last week with the intention of selling it. Alas, once again I am keeping something I bought for the shop. 
But it's sweater weather, and you can really never have too many, can you? 

We are expecting a snow storm later today so I spent the day taking some photos with Evan.  Having been sick the past few days there's nothing too exciting to report. However Allison and I are planning a little trip this weekend to Lancaster to visit our friend Lori! I am excited to do some mad thrifting.. $0.50 bins here I come!!
Outfit Details:

Nordic Sweater: thrifted
Black blouse: H&M
Leggings: Danskin outlet
Suede Boots: Old Navy
Hat: thrifted
Cowl: thrifted
Have any of you been to Amish country Lancaster?
 Any tips or suggestions on things to see or do?


  1. hey gwen, the downtown lancaster is pretty sweet, with cute little shops (it's on prince st. where the main attractions are) i believe there is a cute vintage consignment shop, but i think it's expensive. there is also a good goodwill around there too. Prince st. cafe is a nice little cafe to get a cup a coffee and sweets from (that's where Becky Svensend used to work at). have fun!

  2. prince st. cafe, got it!! thanks danielle!!

  3. love the blog! following you on bloglovin!
    also... where are these $.50 bins you speak of?!!

  4. thanks caitlin! there is a room of bins at the goodwill in lancaster, pa, it's amazing!


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