Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mexico: Part III

As I look at these photos, I can't believe the contrast in the colors.. bright blues as opposed to our pale gray winter skies here. Our weather was absolute perfection..even on a 90 degree day, there is a lovely breeze that keeps you from feeling too hot. We loved eating lunch outside and usually gave our pale skin a break from the sun around noon. 
The design of our resort was modern and elegant, and I loved these wicker couches with sheer canopies. There were so many pretty spots like this to sit and chat. I had asked the bartender to surprise me with a cocktail..I said give me your specialty and I was handed this "sugar reef" which was the sweetest drink I've ever had and I promptly disposed of it after this picture, haha. However, we really loved all of the Mexican people that we met who worked at the resort. They were so cheerful and friendly and love to practice their English, so we ended up making a lot of friends.
I apologize, I know I'm sort of dragging out these posts, but it takes me awhile to weed through all of the photos. So, I will have one last post tomorrow of photos to share with you!

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