Thursday, February 17, 2011

what i thrifted.

 I thrifted this months ago thinking that I would put it away and save it 
for my future children...
 BUT, I couldn't wait that many years to have children old enough to chew gum so I decided that it would be a nice addition to Andrew's office for now...

Isn't it rad? Didn't every child want one of these for their house?


  1. I have one of these tucked up in my attic that my parents got for a wedding gift! We used to have it on display in our kitchen because I loved it so much, but that quickly got vetoed by mom. I SO am taking that gumball machine with me when I move out and then we could be home accessory TWINS! :)

  2. no way!! well if you ever need any gumballs...i've got about 350 left...


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