Wednesday, October 12, 2011

California Part I

It was actually unseasonably cold for a few days while we were in San Diego, so here is a shot of me freezing in the wind at Sunset Cliffs. Despite the few rainy days we had a wonderful trip. I am ashamed to say I have no photos of our rad little hotel, but I highly recommend staying at The Pearl if you ever visit San Diego! The staff there is wonderful and the restaurant is amazing.
We hung out with our friend Sara, and experienced some Mexican candy!
We had a rental car and so we were able to do a lot of exploring. Our favorite part of the trip was simply driving up the coast and stopping in at beach towns to take pictures or get a bite to eat. 
 As we lay on Ocean beach staring at this pier (longest on the West Coast), we realized that the small shack at the end was in fact a great little....
We couldn't seem to get enough shrimp & fish tacos.
part II tomorrow!

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