Monday, May 3, 2010

Part I: bachelorette bruncheon

Over the weekend we threw my dear bride-to-be friend Meredith a bachelorette extravaganza. We kicked it off with a little brunch at my favorite coffee spot in the world, the Gryphon cafe

The Gryphon is located in Wayne, PA so if you are ever in the neighborhood (7 minute drive from King of Prussia), I insist that you go there for sandwiches and lattes!
Originally Mere's younger sister Jenna was not going to be able to come for the festivities, but when things changed, we kept it a secret from Meredith and it was worth it to see her surprise!
Brunch Menu:
Mini croissant sandwiches
Mandarin orange spinach salad
Cranberry White Chocolate scones
Deviled Eggs
Craisin Pecan Choc. Chip bars
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Banana Bread

After eating Meredith opened some gorgeous lingerie from her bridesmaids and girlfriends before we moved on to Part II of the day!


  1. oh i know..they make my heart melt!

  2. Great pics!
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