Saturday, May 8, 2010

phillies game!

Last weekend we celebrated our Josh's birthday. Abby bought us all tickets to the Phillie's game! It was my first pro baseball game ever! The rain held out for us and I have to say..the tailgating was my favorite part! Especially when your friend Abby makes you black bean, avocado & corn salsa, and grilled eggplant sandwiches! Forget hot dogs! Oh and did I mention strawberry shortcake for dessert?

Our fire got a bit out of control...
Andrew was in heaven because he got to see a grand slam. It was a great game(so they say) and the Phillie's killed the Mets. I enjoyed watching the game, but mostly the psychotic Phillie's fans.


  1. awww good pictures gwennie! what a fun night, i hope we have many more to come this summer.
    thanks for posting these, it made my day :).

  2. yayyy i know! i have lots more, i will give them to you!

  3. I just looked at these again and I don't think I can express how much I love that "America" photo of you in the red chair, it makes me smile (and laugh) every time I see it.


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