Tuesday, September 14, 2010

bermuda part I: at sea

Sunday morning we took the train into Manhattan to catch our boat. We were set to sail that evening and arrive in Bermuda Tuesday morning. As first time cruisers we were excited to experience this kind of travelling!

Sailing out of New York Harbor at sunset was simply beautiful, and the perfect way to start the trip. Our next day at sea was spent mostly lounging on deck reading, and admiring/marveling at being on the open sea.
I of course enjoyed dressing up for dinner, although we endured some wind and rain throughout the week which made windy photo shoots on deck tricky! I found the food to be mediocre, but I know that I'm labeled a "foodie" and tend to be a little critical. However, I think that part of the fun and adventure of traveling is finding new restaurants, and the restaurants on board seemed to all serve essentially the same thing each night.
We enjoyed having our coffee and breakfast in the mornings on deck. And I will say that the breakfast selection was quite good with plenty of fresh fruit and omelettes made to order. Though I am not sure we are "cruisers", or find this to be our choice mode of travel and vacation, it certainly feels glamorous to be on a cruise boat!

More to come tomorrow!

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