Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Part II: St. George's

We woke up Tuesday morning in St. George's and I snapped these photos as we ferried from the boat to the island. It almost doesn't look real it's so beautiful there!!
We took in the sights of the town (which took about 20 minutes, it's so small) and attempted to rent scooters before getting caught in a rainstorm. It was okay though b/c Andrew was too big for the bikes anyway, and his knees hit the handle bars. We ducked into a cafe to dry off and Andrew enjoyed a Ginger beer, the beverage of the island, and I had coffee to warm up.
This is in Turtle Bay. Though Bermuda is such a small island, it's beaches are absolutely pristine since most of them are part of the National Parks. The color of the water is unreal..(this is no jersey shore haha). Andrew and I managed to avoid the more touristy beaches and as we explored, we stumbled upon unbelievably gorgeous coves and bays which we usually had all to ourselves!

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