Friday, September 3, 2010

goodbye to hill..

we had a small goodbye dinner for hillary a few nights ago at our apartment..
i made fresh pesto & basil lemonade, and abby made fresh bruschetta. of course we also had cocktail weenies for the guest of honor..
andrew bought me some beautiful sunflowers for the tables..
then the bugs started to eat my friends alive so we moved the party inside..
the lady of the evening..who i will miss SO VERY much, but i will be taking a trip out to the chilly state of MN this winter to visit.

sebastian stole the show..and he was introduced to our beta fish..
andrew made watermelon sorbet! it was refreshing & delicious..
best friends forever.
15+ years of friendship among these girls..pretty awesome, and i am so blessed to have such amazing friends!
and andrew...


  1. How fun! I just moved into a my house and I can't wait for my living room to look as good as yours, and to throw dinner parties in my backyard!

  2. oh thank you! you're so sweet! that's always exciting to have a new place to fix up and decorate!

  3. This is really adorable!! :) I love your place, it has a really great atmosphere!

    <3 Kelly

  4. thank you! you have a beautiful blog!

  5. You should post some more pics of your apartment, I love what I saw!!! So cute and eclectic!

  6. oh thanks jess! maybe i will one day when it's clean haha!


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