Sunday, August 14, 2011

Newport, RI part I

Andrew and I are back from our wonderful Newport, RI vacation and we had a fabulous time!! (trip was extended 1 day due to car not starting! oh and did i mention andrew hydroplaned & rear ended someone today? all within 3 days!!) But yes...I would highly recommend visiting Newport, it is one of the most beautiful New England towns I have ever seen, and we can't wait to go back!! I will walk you through our trip via my photo diary..I took over 200 photos but I will try to limit my posts!
On the drive up we made a stop in Mystic Seaport for some lobster rolls for lunch! 
We camped for 3 nights and stayed one night in a hotel, but unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of our campsite! We stayed in Jamestown which is a pretty peninsula just across the bridge from Newport. It seems that everywhere you look there are stunning views of harbors and bays full of boats....there are boats EVERYWHERE in Newport! Andrew loved checking out the boats, deciding which ones we liked best..but could never afford, ha!
This is the bridge that connects Jamestown (left) to Newport (right)..the prettiest bridge I've ever been on!
We went for a fancy 4 course dinner our first night complete with live jazz (for Andrew) at a beautiful restaurant called Fluke. And if you haven't caught on...this trip was mostly about eating seafood haha!
 Goat cheesecake with blackberries! (or goatcheese cake?) A first for was awesome! 
The People's Cafe was our morning coffee spot...
Rose Cliff Mansion, which we later toured, was my favorite!! These homes were built to be used 2-3 months of the year and the owners through extravagant balls with 600+ guests. I thought it was cool that in one of the rooms we toured it is rumored that Cole Porter stayed up all night writing his hit "night and day".
 This mansion is supposedly haunted and they offer nightly "ghost tours" of the house. I loved the gardens surrounding the homes, and the grounds were erie enough for me..
We did so much biking that all of the eating we did was relatively "guilt-free" haha! If you are ever in Newport, you gotta go to Flo's Clam Shack and get the fisherman's platter. Best fried seafood I have ever had! 

Part II to come!

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