Wednesday, August 3, 2011

summer shake.

Summer has been busy busy! We had a week of camp with our youth group and then a week of catching up. I'll be back to regular posting eventually..probably after our vacation next week. (More on that later..)

Now, don't worry this is not going to become a food blog, but I wanted to share my favorite summer shake recipe with you. I can't get enough of this one, it's super healthy & nutritious, and if you love chocolate then you'll love this.. it's perfect for breakfast or lunch!

 In a blender combine:
 frozen banana (remember to freeze without their skins!)
splash of chocolate almond milk
a scoop of peanut butter (or almond)
a dash of cocoa powder
a sprinkle of oats (optional if you like some fiber & crunch)



  1. where are you going on vacation?!?! man oh man, we need to catch up!!!!

  2. this sounds amazing. thanks for sharing. i happen to have all those things in my house already :-) cant wait to try it

  3. mere- newport!!!
    abbie- yes yes do itttt! :)


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