Monday, April 11, 2011

deb + wade = married!

(NOTE: When I asked Andrew if this picture was clear, he said yes!)

I had a wonderful time this weekend attending the wedding of Debbie and Wade. They had their ceremony at church and Andrew played guitar for Raina, who sang a beautiful song! Afterwards they had a traditional Norwegian Kransekake refreshment time. Since we attend a church with a predominantly Norwegian heritage, I have learned to love all Norwegian desserts, but especially this one! It's a Norwegian wedding cake made from almonds.

Their reception was held at the Stroudsmoor Inn. It was beautiful and elegant, and they had a great jazz band. I had tons of fun catching up with my friends who were in visiting from Minnesota! 

Other than that,our friends Hannah and dan came to visit friday night and I made a ton of mediterranean tapas (gluten free for hannah!). It was a glorious weekend weather wise (today I sat outside in a tank top and shorts, sorry Hill!!) and I did lots of yard work. 


  1. that the dress from my wedding?

  2. yes mere! i had it shortened to cocktail was so funny/embarrassing though her bridesmaids had almost the same dress but in green and floor length HA!...

  3. I was going to does look a little shorter. haha!


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