Monday, April 4, 2011

birthday weekend!

 I'm a quarter of a century old! My birthday weekend was really nice and pretty low key. We had a small dinner party with some friends Friday night and Andrew made sushi. I made some other asian appetizers to go with it, we played some games, and it was a really fun night! Saturday was lazy...and unfortunately I woke up Sunday morning (my actual birthday) with a nasty cold that Andrew decided to share with me..
 I ate some pizzelles for breakfast* and had a relaxing morning. I read, nursed my cold, & enjoyed my pretty roses from Andrew..
*(not as good as Donna Little's!!)
We had a picnic at Lake Minsi and watched the fishermen. It didn't last long though because it turns out it's still too chilly for picnics...
 Andrew got me the sparkly TOMS I wanted!
Spent the afternoon reading and drinking lots of tea.
Had a delicious dinner with my family at my favorite restaurant, Antelao's, complete with Tiramisu for dessert! Thank you for everyone who made it special with your birthday messages, cards & gifts!! 

I love you all!

The end.


  1. aw. these pictures are so pretty. can't wait to celebrate with you.

  2. happy late birthday!
    hope you're feeling better!


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