Wednesday, August 4, 2010

eating garbage.

Lately we have had a little problem with black BEARS getting into our garbage. These photos were snapped a few days ago by Evan while we were out in the backyard. He had just cleaned up the garbage strewn about the yard only 30 minutes prior to her coming back for more! I saw this bear THREE TIMES that day!

The mama bear had two baby bears with her hiding in the woods who were really adorable (they look like puppies!). Apparently when a bear has cubs they are known to be their most ferocious so we have to be careful when we park our cars at night. I guess that's what comes with living in the mountains...


  1. That's nuts! Cute, but nuts! I didn't know that bears were in your neighborhood. The most exciting wildlife we have at our place are aggressive squirrels- and one clumsy squirrel that keeps falling out of trees...

  2. i know, it's feels so surreal to be that close to them too!


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