Tuesday, August 17, 2010

fall preview: back to school.

With school right around the corner I have been enjoying filling the shop with new fall items. I feel that Fall is the most exciting time for fashion, when you tire of your summer wardrobe and the new season's trends are emerging. I love breaking out my bin of cool weather clothes, and seeing pieces of clothing that I have forgotten all about! It's time for layering again, (which never seems to go out of style), and buying a few new things for the season!


  1. THANK YOU for this. I was seeking inspiration for my upcoming back-to-school shopping trip. A little disappointed there aren't any light-up sneakers though....

  2. hahah maybe i'll do a post on cool lunch boxes and trapper keepers next..

  3. Oh how cute are your outfits!
    I love the leather bag. And the bright + stripes. Adorable, adorable, adorable!

  4. thank you! i like your blog, you take lovely photos!


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