Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Yesterday Andrew & I decided to stop off on our way home from South Jersey at Terrain, Urban Outfitter's outdoor garden center and home decor store in Glen Mills, PA. Not only do they have beautiful plants and trees, but their house & home section is filled with beautiful items. 
 Randomly, I ran into my dear friend Abby?!?! She had  made the trip out there with her Mom so it was a funny coincidence.
Give yourself enough time if you do decide visit, because it is slightly overwhelming, there is so much to take in! I highly recommend visiting Terrain to get inspired about decorating your outdoor and indoor spaces with plants!


  1. Hi Gwen! Abby has told me how much she likes Terrain, and especially after seeing your photos, it is on my list for our next trip to PA!

  2. oh man yes laura, that place was created for people you and katie haha! i hear it's pretty awesome at christmas time..


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