Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1970's lace babydoll

As I have mentioned before, working from home allows me to get away with working in my softest, most comfortable clothing and then occasionally spend hours playing dress up for a photoshoot. I brew a pot of coffee, put on some good music, do my hair & make up and then bribe Andrew into taking some photos for me on a lovely overcast day like today.

I am currently in love with this 1970's vintage lace babydoll dress that I just listed in the shop and wish it was my size!


  1. i love this dress, so cute, but i've got to ask, how tall are you, because I'm rather short so i wonder how short it would be on me?

  2. thank you! aw, yes i'm actually rather tall, i'm 5'7", it might be a little long on you..


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