Wednesday, March 2, 2011

it's almost here..

Since I work from home, there were often days this winter that I don't even leave the house, and sometimes I really do feel like I have been hibernating these past few months and it's almost time to break's nice to see grass again.

My lack of posts has been due to general business.. I have been working the past few days with pretty vintage silks, sewing up a storm of roses for some new bags for Spring. I will be selling them this weekend at a women's retreat at Tuscarora, so I'm trying to stock up and get everything ready for my little Simplethrift stand! 


  1. Looks like and adorable fun winter project. Its too bad we are all stuck inside for so many months of the year. Glad to see you kept busy.

  2. thank you! yeah i don't think i've ever watched so many seasons of tv shows in my life than this winter.. it's nice to at least be productive while i sit on my couch...


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