Sunday, March 6, 2011

debbie's shower.

 I attended my friend Debbie's bridal shower this weekend. Since Debbie is a flight attendant, and she is marrying Wade, who is a PILOT, it was only appropriate that her family throw her a travel themed shower!

It was very sweet, with tons of delicious homemade food from all cultures, and pictures and souvenirs from all of Deb's trips around the world! But out of all of the treats from around the world, I have to say that Abby's decadent "cake ball" pops pictured above were probably the hit of the party, and just too cute not to show off.
The food was awesome, with Mexican, Greek, Asian, Italian and Mediterranean. Debbie's family is Norwegian so there were of course Norwegian desserts, swedish meatballs, and plenty of Norwegian pride flags. 
Her 4 sisters/bridesmaids all dressed in flight attendant uniforms... too cute!
(Sorry for the faces guys, too funny!)
Debbie was showered with beautiful gifts, and lots of love. Can't wait for the wedding!!

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